Women who lack estrogen are recommended to supplement 3 kinds of food

Women who lack estrogen are recommended to supplement 3 kinds of food

For women to be healthier, they need to have adequate levels of estrogen, the female hormone that maintains reproductive function and sexual desire.
If the female adult body estrogen reduction, will accelerate the arrival of aging, skin will become slack and elastic, their mental state is not very good, so we should pay special attention to supplement estrogen in life, to avoid physical problems.

Why does a woman age faster with less estrogen?

Estrogen can play the role of hydration, but also can promote cell proliferation, inhibit or delay its apoptosis, and adequate estrogen in the body, but also make the skin more elastic, more tender, buffer the outside world to their own pressure.

Eestrogen will also affect collagen structure and solubility, increase the thickness of the skin and reduce the generation of wrinkles. When the estrogen in the body is reduced, the skin will accelerate aging and the body organs will be affected.

What food can eat complement female hormone?

All bean products

Women who want to supplement themselves with estrogen can eat more soy products, which contain soy isoflavones, which stabilize estrogen levels in the body and provide estrogen for themselves.

When choosing soy products, we try to choose soy flour, tempeh or soy because soy loses its nutrients during processing, so the more natural the better.


Pumpkin is rich in vitamin E, vitamin E can help remove the active oxygen species in the human body, can play a role in preventing high blood pressure and delaying aging.

Female friends to eat pumpkin can also increase their own estrogen, and pumpkin is also a very healthy food, not only for the body to supplement nutrition, but also to enhance estrogen.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is absolutely a very good tonic food for women, women with low estrogen in their bodies can often drink royal jelly to supplement at ordinary times.

Royal jelly contains a large number of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, which can not only supplement the nutrition needed by the human body, but also meet the physiological needs of women.

If you want to be an attractive woman, there are three things you need to do to keep estrogen in your body

Sleep on time

If you don’t want to let the body of estrogen loss, female friends must develop a good habit of early to bed and early to rise, because only have enough sleep, in order to let the body’s various organs get rest and adjustment.

Women who stay up late for a long time will not only affect the quality of sleep, but also affect the endocrine, the movement of qi and blood in the body is disorder. If you don’t want to let the rapid loss of estrogen, you should develop a regular habit of life, which is a good way to retain estrogen.

Reasonable water

Regular water can help the body discharge excess toxins and garbage, and the human body is inseparable from water, water can promote the balance of estrogen secretion, bring benefits to their own.

The relief

If a woman is in a state of high stress for a long time, her body will also lose a lot of estrogen.

Spiritual tension, emotional irritability, will affect the endocrine, it is suggested that women with unstable estrogen in the body, to appropriate decompress, do more things to relieve the body and mind, can through fitness, travel and shopping and other ways to get rid of their high-pressure trouble.

Conclusion: Aging is the natural law of the human body, which is inevitable for everyone. If you want to make aging slower, you should develop good living habits and eating habits, and do more things beneficial to physical and mental health, so as to stabilize the estrogen in the body and make it younger.

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