Why are more and more college students infected with AIDS?

Why are more and more college students infected with AIDS?

When it comes to college students, many people’s first reaction is that highly educated talents, but the question is, why such highly educated talents, but it happened to become a high incidence of AIDS group?

Take this question, I can’t help but think, two weeks ago his accepts a AIDS, 21, a promise is a college students, from junior high school, little summer has been dominated by the students with excellent grades of aura, in his words, has been a top student in the class, even in the whole school rankings, also never fall before ten.

In the year of the college entrance examination, Xiao Xia was admitted to a prestigious university and became a university student.

However, to our surprise, it is only three years from the age of 18 when I entered college to the age of 21 when I was diagnosed with AIDS. No one knows what has happened in this process. Such a change makes us both stunned and shocked.

You know, AIDS is an incurable disease, for this 21-year-old college student, the future was promising, but everything was suddenly shattered by AIDS.

In with my chat, with a little summer talk, I gradually understand the truth, after entering university, little summer feel life has reached the peak, he has become particularly relaxed, without parents, without the teacher’s supervision, and feel free, and all kinds of the influx of new things, completely attracted little summer’s attention.

Xiaoxia said that he found his sexual orientation from high school and other boys are different, they like men, into the university, because the network developed, he began to use the network and social contact.

The first time did not take safety measures, especially afraid, but after a period of time, feel nothing uncomfortable, courage is also bigger, recall their past, summer regret is too late, they have been holding a lucky psychology, is destined to the outcome of today.

In fact, like Xiaoxia such infected people there are a lot, they, in fact, there are some common ground.

First, impulse, sexually active, reckless, young, many times impulse will overcome reason, coupled with this age sexually active, so many young college students are easy to take the risk, no safety measures of high-risk sexual behavior is the most fundamental cause of HIV infection.

Second, the education problem, due to traditional concepts, domestic children, growing up, few parents will take the initiative to progressive education, this respect education is missing, it will make a lot of young people thinking, infatuation, don’t know how to protect themselves, but many people think that the Japanese are very open, but Japan’s incidence of HIV/AIDS is very low, This and their enlightenment education is inseparable.

No matter what occupation you are engaged in, no matter how high you have education, must pay attention to protect themselves, there is no AIDS, not written on the face, once holding a lucky psychology, even if only one high-risk sexual behavior, may also lead to infection.

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