Tyson blew himself up on steroids and dodged a urine test

Tyson blew himself up on steroids and dodged a urine test

The other day, Mike Tyson, the 54-year-old American boxing champion, admitted on the Hotboxin podcast that he used steroids during his career and set up a scheme to cheat urine officials, get around tests, and cheat on his behavior.

There are three levels of understanding for this news.

The first layer
“Wow, so he’s on steroids, too. What a surprise.”

This kind of person is innocent, basically belongs to the outside line of the sports circle, has no deep understanding of the door of competitive sports.
For example, when I see “special massage” in my eyes, I think it is cupping. When I see a leather whip in someone’s home, I think he loves riding a horse.

The second floor
“You don’t watch the news to know Tyson is on steroids.”

Drug use in competitive sports is common. I used to study with a desk mate who was a youth player of the provincial football team. I clearly remember him talking to me about “needles that grow muscles” during the break.
Not to mention physical competitions, even chess games are using drugs. The latest high-scoring American TV series “The Rear Wing” shows top chess players taking sedative drugs.
(By the way, I recommend you to take a look at her eyes.)

The professional team has a set of circumvention procedures.

The third layer
It’s not about steroid use at all. It’s about the “secret” of steroid use so many years after retirement.

A closer look reveals that on November 28, he will play his first match back as a solo player, an eight-leg bout against Roy Jones Junior.
Everyone knows what he wants to do to build up momentum and hype for the competition.

Business is not cold. Long live Sister Li.

However, when I read the news, I was only interested in Tyson’s method of avoiding urine tests.
Now that Tyson has admitted it to himself, it’s no secret.

Tyson used a tool called Whizzinator, and I don’t think a lot of people got it right.

Whizzing refers to the whooshing sound that is made when something is fired, especially urine.
There is no Chinese equivalent, I personally translate it as “urine launcher” or “hush gun”.

It’s very simple, you have a tube connected to a hose and you have a dummy buttin, you put urine in the tube, you squeeze the tube, and the urine comes out of the dummy buttin.

I’m sorry. How do you think I can’t do that?

You may ask, how could any fool invent such a thing?
Don’t think I know too much. I do know.

Strongly suggest

The following content tastes very heavy, may refresh your three views, minors please directly skip the following three paragraphs.
If you’re an old driver, then buck up and don’t sleep.

There are some people in this world who play a lot of adult fun in wild ways, like having a penchant for drinking other people’s urine.

I don’t know if you’ll take it or not, but I wasn’t surprised when I first learned about drinking urine, not because I have a strong taste, but because the cow urine culture in India has made me immune to it.

In order for this hobby to go smoothly at any time, and for the sake of physical hygiene and health, fans will also buy “fake urine” and put it into the Whizzinator’s props.

Setting up a website to sell urine is outrageous

So this thing was originally a sex toy.

Now, however, most of the consumption of this product is “dodging urine tests”.

The method is very simple, the party to find the opportunity to wear a “healthy urine”, after the urine test staff present, take out the fake buttin, pressure out the urine to the urine test staff.
Although many urine inspectors are on the spot to supervise, they will not get close enough to stare at the urine of the athletes, and some will even deliberately lean a little to avoid looking directly at them.

For the party concerned, they have drugs must be clear, anyway, to find the drug is also unlucky, was found to cheat the worst with the drug was checked the consequences of the same, as a bet, a bicycle becomes a motorcycle.

Tyson tried to use his wife’s urine, but she was pregnant and the technician could tell in a second that there was something wrong with the sample, so he used his daughter’s urine to get around it.

Avoid urine test, became old beauty social problem actually.

A plastic gadget with no technology can sell for more than a hundred dollars, and it sells very well.

As we all know, the marijuana epidemic in the United States is a huge concern.
There have been so many cases that urine tests have become a common practice, and many addicts use them in an attempt to evade police inspection.

Gerard Wells, one of Whizzinator’s shareholders, even got arrested by the FBI for helping people avoid testing. He ended up in federal court with 19 charges and six months in prison.

The abuse of this “sex toy” is even becoming more civilian. Some jobs or functions do not employ drug addicts, and many people will take risks in order to get jobs.

Note that this article is not intended to be a tutorial on drug avoidance. It looks great, but the success rate is limited. After all, this is an old trick that has been played for over a decade, and is now routinely debunked by competent examiners.

The goofy looking old brother, in the application for probation to do the test, was found by probation officer, confiscated his Tintin, not only did not succeed in probation, but also increased the 75 days of the sentence.

One of the best known football players, Onterio Smith, has been suspended by the league after he was found with a hush gun and dehydrated urine powder at Sao Paulo’s international airport.

Trying to use it now is basically giving people their heads.

For average athletes, they must first develop more than 95 percent of their potential in a natural state before they are eligible to consider technology.

If you don’t delve into training techniques and focus on taking shortcuts, you can lose control and ruin everything from joints to insides, acne to baldness, infertility, and a lifetime.

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