Buy Riptropin HGH 100 IU Online In USA Canada Europe UK Thailand South Africa

Buy Riptropin HGH 100 IU Online In USA Canada Europe UK Thailand South Africa


Riptropin [rDNA origin] is a way to supply natural growth human growth hormone for people who may deficient or may require higher levels of this hormone. Riptropin is identical to natural growth hormone that your pituitary gland produces because it is made by secretion technology that makes a 191 amino acid sequence.

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Product Description

The pituitary is responsible for the production of growth hormone. However, in some cases, the production may fail, and this may hinder your growth. Replacing increasing the amount of the human growth hormones to above average might work well for you. In this case, getting an artificial replica is highly desirable.

Riptropin is an effective way to supply your body with human growth hormone. This hormone is similar to the growth hormone that your pituitary naturally produces. Remember, a lack of growth hormone is very detrimental to your body. You’ll have conditions such as weak bones, too much body fats, lower muscle strength and higher than normal cholesterol in case your growth hormone level is low

What Riptropin can treat

This synthetic hormone can work well for both children and adults. Generally, it raises the level of growth hormones in the body. It can;
• Hinder stunted growth in children by increasing growth in children
• To boost the level of natural hormones in adults who have low levels thereby increasing muscle mass, decreasing wrinkles, making skin elastic and increase bone density
• It is also useful in managing burns, Turner syndrome, burns and organ transplantation
Other conditions managed are – improved better sleep, stress, libido, mood and brain function.

How to use Riptropin

To use this artificial hormone, you have to inject it into your body. It comes in vials. You can buy the vials depending on your need. Each vial has 10 IU, which is in the form of powder. The powder may appear caked at times, but it can also be in small particles.


The dosage depends on your body weight and the exact problem you are treating. However, on the daily dosage scale, you can use anything between 0.005mg and 0.06mg/kg of your body weight. Start with low doses than gradual increase up to the required levels. But, always consult a doctor while using the hormone.
To get an injection, you’ll need to dilute the hormone. To get effective results you can dilute with sterile bacteriostatic water, normal saline (0.9% NaCl) or just plain sterile water. However, always use the plain sterile. When you dilute, put is in a refrigerator, but, if you use sterile water ensure you use it before 72 hours elapse. Bacteriostatic water, on the other hand, gives you up to ten or more days.


The hormone is a 191 amino acid sequence. It is produced through secretion technology. This makes it extremely stable for a long time.

Side effects

If side effects occur, you can control them by lowering dosage. The most common side effects are joint pains. If you have continuous effects, consult your doctor. When you use the 192 amino acid sequence growth hormone, you might experience some allergic reaction because it can cause the body to auto-react.

Drug interactions

Riptropin can interact with several drugs and other treatments. This may reduce their activity. For instance, people on diabetic treatment/using insulin might have some problems because growth hormones usually cause a change in how insulin responds. Always consult with the doctor while using this hormone.


It is very important to consult your doctor while using this product. Take a record of daily doses, to help you monitor your progress.

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