Saizen HGH 8mg 24iu 1 vial

Saizen HGH 8mg 24iu 1 vial


8mg 24iu 1 vial

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Saizen, alternatively known as Somatropin is the best drug to go for in case your body has a deficiency in producing growth hormones on its own. In simple terms, it is a human growth hormone produced in a unique kind of way by the recombination of DNA of a mammalian cell line and a humans’ gene. The amino acid structure and sequence that identifies with it is similar to the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

Saizen is administered via injection and is usually intended for long term treatment. This treatment works in such a way that it increases the number of skeletal muscles by stimulating skeletal growth. In addition to that, it increases the functioning and size of internal body organs as well as boosts metabolism. This may not only help you grow in height, but also serve in stimulating the liver as well as other tissues.

Who should take Saizen?

This medicinal drug should only and strictly be taken under a doctors prescription. It is usually administered to:

-Children with growth failure due to low level of growth hormone production.
-Adults with growth hormone deficiency.

Who should NOT take Saizen?

The following groups of persons should not take Saizen unless when instructed otherwise by a doctor:

-Children when their growth plates have closed.
-A patient with Cancer or any other related tumors.
-Someone who may have shown previous allergies to growth hormones.
-Eye defects brought by diabetes.
-Overweight people who have Prader-Willi Syndrome and have recent problems of breathing heavily
such as sleep apnea.
-Someone with a critical illness due to severe injuries or from surgery.

It is also important for the patient to tell the doctor if they have ever experienced any of the above mentioned conditions in order to avert severe effects on them.

Common side effects of Saizen.

Side effects familiar with Saizen that are actually considered normal are:

-Pain in the joints and muscles.
-Numbness and a tingling sensation.
-Injection side reactions including redness, numbness, swelling anad pain.
-Swelling as a result of fluid retention especially in the legs , face and arms commonly reported by adults.

Consult your doctor in case you experience the following uncommon side effects:

-Changes in vision, vomiting and nausea relatable by a feeling of tiredness.
-Knee and hip pain especially in children that may be a predict of the hip joint slipping out of place.
-Backbone and spinal curvature in children.
-Pain in the abdomen accompanied by tenderness which may be a pancreas related problem.
-Hyperglycemia or diabetes which may result in trouble concentrating, weight loss, and a frequent need to quench thirst and urinate.

Physicians prescribing Saizen should offer regular guidance and have experience in the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency

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