Buy Ansomone HGH 100IU Online For Sale UK USA Europe South Africa Thailand

Buy Ansomone HGH 100IU Online For Sale UK USA Europe South Africa Thailand

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Ansomone is a company manufactured product since 2005 to the present time. The company behind the manufacture of Ansomone is Anke Bio, a China-based company. Ansomone has undergone a lot of changes, from 192 amino acids sequence to the present day 191 amino acids which conform to the natural human growth hormone in both the number of amino acid and the 3-D structure.

Ansomone is manufactured from engineered E. coli bacteria, and its primary function is a supplement for growth failure, especially in children due to a deficiency in endogenous growth hormone and kidney failure. Ansomone brings about the same effect as the natural human growth hormone. The manufacturer improves the purification of this product.

Besides Ansomone being a growth hormone supplement, there are other health benefits derived from using it. These include but not limited to, the following. Improve epiphysis width as well as linear growth through a rapid increase in growth and differentiation of osteoblast, epiphysis chondrocyte, and cartilage matrix cells. Improve total body protein synthesis for maximum bodybuilding. Correct the negative nitrogen equilibrium in the body that might have been caused by wound or surgery. Ratification of hypoproteinemia imposed by adverse infection. Build up of strong body immunity against disease through increased immunoglobulin synthesis, improved growth of lymphadenoid, lymphocyte, and macrophage. Fast wound healing process through the rapid growth of collagen oocyte, macrophage, and fibroblast cells in areas of burn and surgery.

To the heart, Ansomone improves cardiac contractility as well as reduced oxygen consumption through an improved synthesis of cardiomyocytes. Regulate the body cholesterol and lipoproteins level through lipometabolism regulation. In adults, Ansomone is essential for the regulation of lipometabolism, kidney function, osteo metabolism, and heart function.

There are two ways in which Ansomone can be administered to bring about the desired pharmacological effect. One is through the subcutaneous administration, and the other one is through intramuscular administration. Although both achieve the intended impact, subcutaneous is believed to result in a high concentration of growth hormone in the plasma while on the other hand, intramuscular result in the same level as IGF-I hormone.

On usage, for injection purposes, one milliliter of sterile water is injected along the drug bottle wall then gently swirled until all the contented are fully dissolved. Avoid violent shaking. The recommended dosage for children growth failure treatment is about 0.1 IU/kg for about three months to 3 years on daily subcutaneous administration. The caution to pay much attention is that for productive use, Ansomone should be used under guidelines of an experienced and qualified doctor.

As the world is full of duality, anything good doesn’t lack a drawback. The drawback associated with the use of Ansomone includes causing transient hyperglycemia but can be recovered as the administration continues. Another one is slight temporary pain, turgescence, and tingle around the injection area, but this is common nearly for all injections. Ansomone is associated with mood elevation. Lastly, high dosage and long term use may result in the development of antibodies in some individuals.

The product can be obtained from the online store. Once ordered, the product will be delivered within the shortest time possible.

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1 review for Buy Ansomone HGH 100IU Online For Sale UK USA Europe South Africa Thailand

  1. Leonardmuscle

    I was taking it 2 times per day at 3iu each time. One in the morning and 1 in the evening.
    Been using it for almost 5 weeks and im very impressed with results. Skin got fresher and some what younger looking. My eyes was always week but i have noticed i can look far with out objects getting bleary. Over all well being feeling and more energetic. Helped me with broken jaw also. Everytime it rains or gets colder i used to get pain in my jaw but that has stopped also.

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