Often eat corn “fight osteoporosis”?Doctor: If you want good bones, these 3 foods may be more useful

Often eat corn “fight osteoporosis”?Doctor: If you want good bones, these 3 foods may be more useful

According to statistics, the number of people suffering from osteoporosis in China has reached 100 million, currently ranks first in the world, becoming a big country of osteoporosis, and according to our current medical level can not be completely cured, can only be a certain relief, so the prevention of osteoporosis is greater than treatment.

A lot of people will say that osteoporosis is a disease of old people, now can I still be young before osteoporosis?
However, it is strange that with the development of economy and society, according to relevant statistics, osteoporosis is developing at a young age. It is not only a sign of the elderly, but also a growing number of young people suffer from osteoporosis to varying degrees.

Therefore, it can also reflect that osteoporosis is closely related to our daily lifestyle and eating habits, so osteoporosis patients pay special attention to diet control, and in the process of improving and treating osteoporosis, they are more resistant to drug treatment and pay more attention to the choice of diet for improvement.

It is because of this, many people with osteoporosis in peacetime will eat corn to improve, that corn is rich in nutrients, and coarse grain, can supplement the corresponding dietary fiber for the body, maintain bone, so as to promote bone health.

So, often eat corn really can alleviate and improve osteoporosis?

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks: corn has a flat, sweet taste, but also has appetizing, spleen function, and corn contains water-soluble dietary fiber, can protect their gastrointestinal system, but also can improve the absorption and utilization of calcium;
Although corn does not contain bone calcium, it does help us maintain bone density and maintain bone health.
More importantly, corn also has the effect of anti-oxidation and anti-aging, which can promote the activity of osteoblasts, so it can prevent bone aging to a certain extent!

Therefore, osteoporosis patients can eat corn in moderation at ordinary times, but for the prevention and improvement of osteoporosis, but can not simply rely on eating corn!

Doctors suggest these 3 foods may be more useful than corn

  1. Psoraleside

Filling bone leaves glycosides are the good response to osteoporosis bone nutrients, is the Chinese and western medicine technology, using the Chinese native medicine ingredient, combined with modern medical equipment and technology, it is fundamentally ensure the characteristics of the double anti osteoporosis, so bad for the bone, or people with osteoporosis, suggest you eat more at ordinary times to get bone leaves glycosides,
To fuel your bones and help them grow.

Most of the patients with osteoporosis, because their bone mass is lost, or is a large amount of bone calcium loss caused by.
Psoraleae and Eucommia ulmoides, a type of psoraleae, help lock in bone calcium and reduce bone calcium loss, thus helping to increase bone density and strengthen bone function.
At the same time, the chondroitin sulfate in psaloside can also help relieve bone and joint pain, so that patients can return to normal walking and no longer suffer from pain. At the same time, it can also promote the regeneration and repair of chondrocytes and improve the ability of bone metabolism, so as to prevent and improve osteoporosis.

Psoralein can also help people to enhance bone density, keep away from bone fragility, and more importantly, can avoid the occurrence of fracture, which can play a great role in osteoporosis.

2, tofu,

Tofu inside contain rich calcium, calcium may help to supply the body with corresponding, and bean curd also can help to improve the intestines and stomach, so better added calcium can be absorbed by human body, which can reduce the calcium loss, stable bone, which can prevent and improve osteoporosis, bone strength and quality.

3, orange

Orange is a good fruit, sweet and sour delicious, by the public love and welcome;
Orange not only has a good taste, it contains rich substances, such as carotene, β-cryptopanthin and so on, these substances are helpful to increase bone mass, promote bone formation, thereby inhibiting bone calcium loss, in addition to maintain the activity of osteoblasts, stimulate bone growth.

To sum up, osteoporosis patients can eat corn in daily life to help bone growth, but it can not improve and treat osteoporosis, but do not eat too much, it will lead to gastric mucosa damage, accelerate the development of the disease;
Therefore, for the above 3 kinds of food, you can eat some in peacetime, especially psoralein, which can help osteoporosis patients increase their bone bone, increase bone density, thus enhancing bone quality and promoting the normal development and growth of bone.

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