It is right to slander China, but when it is India’s turn, it is double standard: no mention of “Indian mutated virus”.

It is right to slander China, but when it is India’s turn, it is double standard: no mention of “Indian mutated virus”.

Recently, many mainstream media in India have started to rehashing the old theme and making a fool of the traceability issue of the new coron.Disregarding the findings of the WHO traceability report, they have joined the US in hyping up the theory of “laboratory leakage” and targeting China as a pretext to accuse China of “weaponizing” the virus.

Spokesperson Wang Xiaojian of the Chinese Embassy in India has issued a series of articles rebutting against this, demonstrating China’s firm opposition to slander.
Wang Xiaojian pointed out that China has always strictly and earnestly fulfilled its obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and does not develop, research and produce biological weapons.

While clarifying China’s position, Wang XiaoJian also satirized the Indian media for creating contradictions with anti-China materials fabricated by the West. He said that if some people in India really have the interest and energy to investigate the source of novel coronavirus, why not ask for an explanation from some Western countries with “rich experience and great cause” in biological weapons?
And investigate the motives behind its more than 200 biological laboratories overseas.

Chinese embassy in India also rebuked print media under domestic epidemic so nervous, neither report the epidemic situation and domestic social disease resistance effort, also regardless of China in recent months to the Indian side resistance to disease of medical assistance, but deliberately make contradiction, involving many aspects such as the Taiwan question challenge China’s bottom line, such as what’s bad intentions?

Finally, the Chinese side once again urges the Indian side to stop using this opportunity to stir up trouble, slander and attack China, concentrate on the real work, focus on the tense situation of the epidemic at home, and truly devote itself to overcoming the epidemic and saving lives.
I have to say that the Indian go nment and media are really in the worst of their business. They are in the same situation in the country and they spend their energy on attacking other countries.

But despite India’s poor response, it has gone to great effort to attack other countries for “nationalising” the virus.
The Indian government has issued a notice to all international social media outlets to ban references to the “mutated Indian virus” and urged them to remove references to the virus as they believe it should not be associated with the country’s name.

After rebutting foreign media reports accusing the government of failing to cope with the epidemic, the Indian government has once again engaged in a battle of wits for the sake of national dignity.
The front foot just slander China and logically, hind feet began to plead your cause, not allowed to mention and delete comments, India famous this double standard is deep western chuan, and earlier this year, the British politicians is the British mutation and media SPAR verbally, these countries in the hype “stigmatized” conspiracy theories, did you ever think of oneself also can have today.

Despite the slander of Britain and India, China has proved itself to the world with its successful anti-epidemic results. What does this “master and servant” have to do to prove their ability to get the country out of the plague and demand no criticism from other countries?
One in 10 people in the UK have been diagnosed with universal immunisation, and even the prime minister has spent a few days in the ICU.

In India, it is even more difficult to take a look at the most absurd anti-intellectual measures taken by the Indian government. Religious leaders and government dignitaries preach that drinking cow urine and wiping cow dung can cure New Cow.
India continues to bathe in the Ganges, despite the large number of floating corpses from the new crests.

What is even more frightening is the widespread rumors that the epidemic was caused by 5G transmission, which the Indian government denied because there is no 5G in India at all.
We are entering the spring/summer transition, the virus is rampant and the flu season is rampant, so to speak, there is no gathering at all, yet the Modi government is holding one election rally after another.

Thus it can be seen that the second round of the epidemic in India “thunder”, the Modi government has an unshirkable responsibility.
However, when it comes to the moment of life and death, the Indian media is stirring up international conflicts and attacking China with viral conspiracy theories in an attempt to divert domestic conflicts.
It is ridiculous for the Indian go nment to dream of surpassing China at such a time.
Of course, the last suggestion is that the Indian government first set a small target, to control the new rate in a single day.

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