How do you “destroy” a man’s kidney? A little habit can do it

How do you “destroy” a man’s kidney? A little habit can do it

Many male friends because of work or life pressure big, and used her strong, so special in life do not pay attention to maintenance the kidney, but little imagine, although people have two kidneys, but they themselves are very fragile and vulnerable to trauma, especially the little habits of life, can thoroughly “destroy” kidney, affecting people’s life safety.

Random drug use

If the behavior of the biggest damage to the kidney, taking medicine can be ranked first.
Drugs itself, although there is a role to help people to treat disease, but the effect of each drug is different, so will have corresponding adverse to the body, and after some patients may appear nausea or other gastrointestinal symptoms, while serious direct cause kidney damage, serious word is likely to threaten people’s life.

The adverse reactions of drugs, often with the dosage of drugs and each person’s physical conditions, have a great relationship, the general harm caused by drugs to the kidney is mainly divided into two cases.

The first situation: if it is the drug taken by the patient itself, for the kidney, there is toxicity, so under the reasonable control of the dose, the damage to the kidney can be relatively reduced.
But if the drug is taken at higher doses or if the user has symptoms such as dehydration, which can lead to abnormal blood flow to the kidney, or if the user has a renal condition, the extent of kidney damage can be more pronounced and could lead to kidney failure.

The second situation: although the drug itself does not have obvious damage to the kidney, but after taking the drug, the patient’s physical condition leads to kidney damage. That is to say, although different people take the same drug, the damage to the kidney is also different.

And generally appear kidney damage caused by taking drugs, the clinical symptoms, mainly will be intestines and stomach discomfort, such as nausea, diarrhea, or poor appetite change, this is mainly due to the impaired renal function, causes the body’s metabolic problems, sedimentary toxins in the body, the symptoms caused by, and some patients may have allergy or the change of the temperature rise.

How should the kidney injury that takes medicine to appear do?

Kidney damage caused by taking drugs, as long as the early discovery, early withdrawal, timely treatment, can save people’s life, if it is found that taking drugs, produced in the body symptoms, kidney function is damaged, so be sure to stop drug in a timely manner, for inspection, only do not take medicine at random, both in traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine,
It is best to take medicine correctly under the doctor’s command, especially for the elderly with poor kidney function, in this respect should pay more attention to.

Stay up late

Another behavior that causes harm to the liver is to stay up late for a long time. In the process of staying up late, the blood vessels of the human body will be greatly damaged, it is easy to lose control of blood pressure, and the burden on the kidneys will also be increased.
People who sleep less than six hours a night have about a 70 percent higher risk of kidney disease than those with a normal sleep schedule, according to research. Therefore, it is recommended that people develop a healthy sleep schedule and give the liver enough time to repair itself.

In conclusion, for a male friend, should pay attention to their daily habits in our daily life, stay away from those who hurt the behavior of the kidney, such as taking medicine at random, if found himself on medication kidney damage, so must immediately stop drug, timely medical treatment, only in this way can help you restore health at an early date, in addition to this, also do not to suppress the urine,
Do not eat high salt diet, high fat food, taste to light, do not stay up late, develop a scientific work and rest time, more exercise, more food is conducive to the maintenance of the kidney, only in this way can help you to strengthen the kidney, away from kidney disease.

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