Clear damp heat mainly, solve hepatitis, liver function abnormality

Clear damp heat mainly, solve hepatitis, liver function abnormality

There are a large number of hepatitis patients in China. Hepatitis not only causes hypochondritic pain, poor appetite and other uncomfortable symptoms, but also increases the likelihood of cirrhosis and liver cancer.
And the remedial cycle of hepatitis is longer, some patients cure a disease heart is cut, use medicine blindly, produce medicament-sex liver to damage instead.
Today, Xiaobian will take you through a medical case, see how traditional Chinese medicine is to solve the problem of liver dysfunction and drug-induced liver damage caused by hepatitis.


Du, male, 27 years old.
Chengdu hotel worker.

The patient was found to have hepatitis during a hepatitis survey at Xicheng District Epidemic Prevention Station in April 1977.
At that time, liver function GPT 290U and TTT 4U were examined, but the patient had no obvious conscious symptoms, only dizziness, fatigue, weakness, poor performance, and no pain in the liver area.
During physical examination, the liver and spleen were not touched, and there was no tenderness or percussion pain in the liver area.
Because the patient was incidentally found to have liver disease during the health survey, with no obvious acute onset period, the specific onset time could not be determined, and the patient was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis only after the discovery of the disease.
He has been treated in the Second Hospital of Beijing. After taking Gantaile, Ganrong, Vitamin C and other liver protective drugs and traditional Chinese medicine, there is no obvious effect. Therefore, he is here to consult Mr. Yao Wuda in our hospital.

After taking Mr. Yao’s prescription for a period of time, the symptoms improved.
However, the patient was eager to treat the disease, so he blindly stopped taking the medicine and took private alum pills for two months without permission.
After taking black alum pills, the patient had abdominal pain and diarrhea seven or eight times a day. The patient gradually felt physical exhaustion and his condition worsened. He came to our hospital for treatment again.

At this time, the patient complexion swarthy, dark and dull, emaciated, weak, abdominal distention, such as Na stay obvious aggravation.
Then check liver function, GPT 487U, TTT 9U, TFT (++).
Alum is a toxic product, can seriously damage liver cells, liver fat, liver lobular center necrosis.
After the patient takes by mistake, the condition is aggravated obviously, the treatment is more difficult.
The disease lasted for two years, but after careful diagnosis and treatment by Mr. Yao, the patient was cured.

Dizzy, fatigue, weakness, poor appetite, abdominal distention, bowel sounds, loose stools, dull complexion, thick and greasy tongue coating, pulse string number.
Liver function test: GPT 290 ~ 487U, TTT 6 ~ 9U, TFT (++).

Syndrome differentiation: Liver and gallbladder dampness and heat, dampness and heat trapped the spleen, transportation and loss of division.

Treatment: Clearing the liver and gallbladder dampness-heat, invigorating the spleen and stomach.

Prestige: Qingzhu Ru 10g, Baitouweng 25g, Banlangen 9g, Daqingye 18g, Zhenguanzhong 15g, Nen Zaoxiu 15g, Jinqiancao 25g, Bancancao 25g, Xianmaogen 31g, Vinaichaihu 4.5g, Hangbaishao 9g, Quan Danggui 9g, Xiangfumi 9g, Dabu Pi 9g, Fuling Pi 9g, Yiyuan San 25g.

Add and reduce the above recipe to cut, loose stools, absorb the difference, add stir – fried atractylodes, chicken internal gold to strengthen spleen and stop diarrhea, appetizing;
Upset sleep poor, with lotus seed heart, Yuanzhi meat Qingxin tranquility.

After administration, liver function returned to normal, GPT 27U, TTT and TFT were normal.
The patient’s face is rosy, shiny, energetic and healthy, eating and sleeping normally, and working normally.

According to the

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the pathogenesis of hepatitis is the evil accumulation of dampness and heat in the liver and gallbladder, which is fumigated in the spleen and stomach.
In the case of Dantaiyu, it is said that “the evidence of jaundice is caused by heat and dampness. When moisture cannot be released, it is steamed and heated; when heat cannot be made clear, it is consolidated and humid. When humidity gets hot, it gains depth; when heat gets hot, it burns more and more.

Mr. Yao emphasized that hepatitis is caused by heat and humidity, and the lesion is located in the spleen and stomach.
In this case, due to the accumulation of dampness and heat, the liver and qi are not satisfied, and the spleen and soil are not satisfied. As a result, the epigastric distension, diarrhea and stupidity resulted.
Spleen main muscles, limbs, spleen is wet trapped, so see systemic fatigue.
The evil of dampness and heat hinders Qi, and Qingyang cannot rise, so there is dizziness.
Treatment should be based on Qingli dampness-heat, and regulating the spleen and stomach.

In the recipe, the bamboo shavings, Chinese pulsatile, Qing Qin bark, Radix isatidis, Daqing leaves, Amyrrhizae, Nen Zao, Zhen Guanzhong, and other medicines are bitter and cold, so they can clear heat and detoxify.
After the evil of damp heat is removed, liver function, transaminase can be restored to normal.

The fresh grass root in the square dispels blood stasis and gives birth to new, and clears the dampness and heat.
Dabu peel, Fuling peel and Yiyuan powder play the role of invigorating the spleen and clearing the dampness-heat.
Money grass, vinegar bupleurum, fragrant rice and hang white peony root, all angelica with use, a total of liver relieving depression, nourishing the blood and liver effect.

Although the patient had a long course of disease and secondary liver function injury caused by taking black alum pills, the patient experienced great recurrence of the disease, which was a difficult disease.
But after Mr. Yao’s careful diagnosis and treatment, the patient still achieved full effect, before and after taking dozens of doses of medicine.

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