A five-year-old boy is infected with Helicobacter pylori. Doctor: Three problems need to be solved, or antibiotics won’t work

A five-year-old boy is infected with Helicobacter pylori. Doctor: Three problems need to be solved, or antibiotics won’t work

For Aunt Liu living in Yangzhou, her most precious child is her grandson Hao Hao. Although he is only five years old, he is not afraid of living. He always says hello to everyone he meets and is very popular in the community.
Hao Hao parents often work in other places at ordinary times, the Hao Hao entrusted to Liu aunt, she is to spoil the grandson on the day.

However, recently, Liu found that her baby grandson was thinner and thinner, and even half a head shorter when standing with other children of the same age. She thought it was because of the slow growth of the baby, but one night, Hao Hao complained of stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, and rushed the baby to the hospital.

After the doctor checked, told Liu aunt is likely to be acute gastroenteritis, and suggested that the child do pylori test, the result is positive.
The doctor sensed something was wrong, and gave Liu a Helicobacter pylori test, which was also positive.

In the face of the bewildered aunt liu, the doctor who understood the incident helplessly said: silly ah, how can you feed the child like this?

Went out to the original question upon Liu Dama, when fed to grandson Liu Dama has a bad habit, it is often personally try cooking temperature, at the time of eating beef, mutton and other food, in order to let the child good swallow, Liu Dama will first chewing in the mouth, to feed the child, huge is in such a case of infection.
In addition, the child’s stomach is relatively fragile, which evolved into acute gastroenteritis.

One or two kinds of bad behavior if not changed, H. pylori wants to come:

  1. Feed the children

After pylori infection, in the mouth will also parasitic pylori, with the mouth to test the temperature, and even eat food to feed the child, it is easy to cause infection.

  1. Share cutlery

Families use the same set of bowls and chopsticks, and if they are not disinfected frequently, they are likely to carry germs that can be spread to everyone in the family.

Two, the mouth appears the following wrong, may be the arrival of Helicobacter pylori, adults are no exception

Get up with a bitter mouth and a bad smell in your mouth

Indigestion, frequent burping, flatulence, acid reflux

Hunger pangs occur very quickly after you eat

Weight loss, inexplicable emaciation

Black stool

Three, the infection of Helicobacter pylori, need to solve three problems, otherwise sterilization is useless

Problem one: tableware hygiene

Eating outside avoid using their own chopsticks to pick food, to avoid contamination of the food, advocate the use of public chopsticks.
When eating at home, don’t share the same set of cutlery. Instead, use them separately and disinfect them regularly.

Problem 2: Don’t overuse antibiotics

Although antibiotics can kill the pylori in the stomach forcibly, but the stomach environment is not good, there will still be the possibility of secondary infection.
Want to let pylori really disappear, daily life or need to keep a good stomach.
Adding bacteriostasis foods to meals, such as sesame oil, in which oleic acid can fully play a role in limiting the activity of H. pylori, strengthen gastric immunity, fundamentally change the stomach environment, and prevent the re-invasion of H. pylori.

Problem three: eating habits

Develop good eating habits, can play a role in the protection of the gastrointestinal environment, to avoid the opportunity to H. pylori.
Eat on time, the diet structure tends to nutrition balance, eat less junk food, maintain gastrointestinal order.

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